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Affordable fitness in Dubai

Here’s some good news – Dubai Fitness Challenge is totally free! You simply have to register and enjoy the amazing benefits. But what happens during the rest of the year? Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re a fitness enthusiast, try these tips. 

Find your (free) workout spot

If a gym floor or a studio isn’t your thing, don’t worry! The most affordable way to save on your fitness goals is to find your free workout spot and get moving. Roll out an exercise mat in your living room or head outdoors to your local community park for a brisk walk. Indulge in some stretching and yoga by the beach or find a cycling track near you. DFC has a number of free activities, including Fitness Villages, Fitness Hubs and more.

Invest and improvise 

Your wellness journey could include some investments that will save you money in the future. Setting up a home gym that includes the basic weights, workout mat, jump ropes and workout balls can be a budget-friendly way to get moving. You can also get inspired by what’s around you at home. Try lifting household items such as bags of rice, or canned foods – they can double up as cost free weights. You can also use your own bodyweight for workouts involving squats, lunges, tricep dips etc. Sturdy furniture is great for aerobic workouts and elevated push-ups.

Take advantage of tech

Step into the digital world and discover online workouts, tutorials, PDFs and more – you can start with our Find Your 30 resources. With an abundance of free workouts including yoga, CrossFit, spinning, Zumba, HIIT and so many more, you’ll have no problem finding the workout that matches your energy. A free online workout saves you the cost of joining a gym. You can also check out these incredible apps, with handy videos, meal plans and fitness tracking. 

Find and gather your tribe 

Your wellness goals don’t have to be a solo task; encourage your kids, friends, family or colleagues to get involved. Share your fitness goals, find some common ground and get moving! It’s always fun to have a workout buddy – and it helps with Instagram pictures too. Sharing your routine will only increase your motivation. Another way to engage with like-minded people is joining a local sports team or workout group. Be it rugby, tennis, football, cycling or any other sport of your choice, there’s something for everyone. Meet regularly, network and support each other in your own personal journeys.

Focus on the big picture 

Fitness and wellness is a holistic process. While the easiest way to get started is through physical activity, take a moment to reflect on your goals and paint a bigger picture for yourself Incorporating ways to strengthen mental and spiritual wellness is the right step towards improving your lifestyle. Include other healthy practices such as a balanced diet, meditation, staying hydrated and having healthy social relationships.


Discover more free nutrition, wellness and fitness material to fuel your Dubai Fitness Challenge journey. Register today and let’s grow better together!