What sort of classes are available?

You can find everything from yoga classes and cycling sessions to watersports, kids’ activities and virtual at-home workouts. There are also several free events and activities. Dubai Fitness Challenge offers something for all ages and levels of fitness ability.

Why does it take place?

Studies show that it takes around 30 days to make a significant change to your health and wellbeing. That’s why Dubai Fitness Challenge encourages every person in the city to change and enhance their lifestyle with 30 days of activity. But it doesn’t end after 30 days — the challenge is about creating a long-term impact, essentially encouraging an overall lifestyle change for those who take part. Dubai is all about the happiness of its residents. What better way to create happiness than to encourage a healthier lifestyle for each and every person in the city?

How can I get involved?

Simply sign up to complete 30 minutes of activity for 30 consecutive days. You can get involved as an individual, organisation, partner or sponsor. Use our Find Your 30 section to plan your workouts and check out a wide range of free classes and events. If you’re participating as an organisation, register to start the challenge with your team.

Do I need a gym membership to take part?

Dubai Fitness Challenge does not require you to enter a gym or fitness facility. Doing any physical activity for 30 minutes or more per day qualifies you as an ‘active participant’ so keep checking off your active days to earn your badges.

What is the Dubai Fitness Challenge?

Launched in 2017, Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) is a month-long initiative aiming to transform Dubai into the most active city in the world. With a calendar of exciting events, DFC is all about motivating and involving the residents of Dubai to undertake 30 minutes of continuous exercise per day for 30 days.

When does Dubai Fitness Challenge take place?

This year's challenge will run from 29 October to 27 November 2021.

Where does Dubai Fitness Challenge happen?

Dubai Fitness Challenge is hosting citywide events and activations as well as online sessions, allowing you to work out from the comfort and convenience of your own home. For more information, please visit our What’s On and Find Your 30 sections on the website.

How much does it cost?

The Dubai Fitness Challenge is free to join, with thousands of free classes and events to enjoy throughout the month. However, there are some events that may require an entry fee to take part.

I'm already a fitness enthusiast – can I still take part?

Yes, absolutely. Lead by example and sign up for the Dubai Fitness Challenge. Inspire others around you and share workout tips and tricks on your social channels using the hashtag #Dubai30x30. You can also track your progress on your profile page.

What are the terms and conditions?

For a full list of terms and conditions, visit the Terms of Use page and check our Privacy Notice.

Can anyone take part?

Dubai Fitness Challenge is open to men, women and children of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you live in the UAE or are simply visiting, everyone is encouraged to participate.

How do I share my experience?

Share your goals and fitness activity on your social channels using the hashtag #Dubai30x30. You can also track your 30 via your profile pages – there are plenty of badges to unlock.

Is Dubai Fitness Challenge family-friendly?

"Yes, there are a number of family-friendly events and activities taking place across the city during the challenge. You can browse the Find Your 30 section for content relevant to kids and teens. Also visit What’s On to find out more, or set your own 30-day challenges with your family."

Can I sign up after Dubai Fitness Challenge has started?

There are no restrictions on when people can register. Ideally, everyone gets to enjoy the full 30x30 days, so it's recommended you register before 30 October.

What's the difference between registering as an individual or company?

You can set goals as a company and work towards them together, whereas individuals have personal goals.

I have an account from last year, do I need to sign up again?

If you registered for DFC in 2020 you can re-use the same account.

What is a DFC champion?

"We encourage corporations, schools and government participants to appoint champions to lead their organisation through the Dubai Fitness Challenge. Champions are responsible for: Registering their company for the challenge Spreading the DFC message across their organisation Arranging events and encouraging participants to achieve their 30 minutes per day Champions play a vital role in getting their organisation onboard and succeeding in our goal to become the world’s most active city."

Can I sign up on behalf of my employees?

No, each person must register individually through to website to create their own profile.

How can my organisation join Dubai Fitness Challenge?

Visit https://register.dubaifitnesschallenge.com/ You will need to create a personal profile for yourself using your company email address Verify your profile using the verification code which will be sent to this email address Now, you can register your company for this year: Select your type of entity on the top panel Enter your company details, hit 'Register', and you’re done! We will be in touch via email to verify your registration.

Is there a deadline for schools and corporate entities to register?

There’s no deadline but to make the most contribution you should be ready to go from 29 October.

What can I do to encourage my colleagues to join?

Your toolkit, which you receive when you register, will help you activate your challenge and provide tips on encouraging participation. Be sure to visit our Find Your 30 section for inspirational ideas to motivate members and advice on setting up engaging team challenges. Email [email protected] for more information.

How many company profiles can I create?

As a champion, you can only create one profile for your organisation, with as many participants as needed.

How many company profiles can I join?

You can only be a member of only one corporate, government or school/university profile. There is no limit on the number of facilities you can be a member of.

What kind of entities can join Dubai Fitness Challenge?

All government organisations, corporates, schools and universities across Dubai can join the challenge by registering as a company and committing to 30 minutes of exercise for 30 days. Contact us for more information at [email protected]

How can organisations, schools and government participate?

There are several ways to participate in the challenge. The toolkit you receive upon registration has further information on how you can activate the challenge in your circle – and here are some things you can do: Encourage your colleagues/staff to join the Dubai Fitness Challenge by signing up online and committing to 30 minutes of exercise for 30 days Visit Find Your 30 for inspirational ideas and set up your own team challenges Consult health and fitness experts to set up programmes for your team – see the toolkit for suggestions Encourage an active lifestyle in the office by creating dedicated spaces and schedules for your team’s 30×30 Don’t forget to share all you’re doing on social media using #Dubai30x30 You can also contact us for any support that you need by emailing [email protected]

What can a company do to help Dubai Fitness Challenge?

Ultimately, it’s about energising Dubai, getting the city active and driving positive lifestyle changes. Encourage your colleagues and staff to take on the challenge, and help make Dubai the most active city in the world.

Is there information I can circulate to all staff members?

Once you register, you will receive a comprehensive corporate toolkit with information that can be shared with your peers/staff. You can also download it here.

What is the minimum or maximum number that can sign up as a company?

There is no minimum/maximum number of participants required for government organisations, companies or schools to register – the more the merrier. The number of participants entered will determine the category in which the organisation falls.

Can I get in touch for advice or support?

Please refer to the corporate toolkit that was sent at registration. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] for more information.

Can we still join Dubai Fitness Challenge if we aren't in Dubai?

Entities outside Dubai are welcome to participate in the Dubai Fitness Challenge. Please assign a champion and register. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Is there an approval process for companies?

Yes – all submissions will be reviewed by the DFC team. Once you’ve registered your company, you will be informed via email as to whether or not your submission was successful.

Will I need to wear a mask while exercising?

You will be required to wear a mask in public at all times. Hand sanitiser will always be readily accessible, along with cleaning wipes for equipment. Attendance will also be limited to ensure effective social distancing.

Is it safe to join Dubai Fitness Challenge?

As per government guidelines, Dubai Fitness Challenge is committed to following all guidelines and measures to ensure your family's health remains our top piority. All events and gatherings will follow up-to-date guidance so that you can fully focus on your wellbeing.

Will there be social distancing?

As per government guidelines, participants at public events will be asked to maintain social distancing of two metres. There will also be mandatory temperature checks on arrival.

Will equipment be safe and sanitised?

Workouts will be designed to ensure that equipment will not be shared unless thoroughly sanitised between usage. Renting of wearable items is currently prohibited (caps, face masks, gloves, etc.). Participants must bring their own workout gear, towels etc. You can check each event page for a list of what to bring.

Can seniors attend public events?

As per the Dubai Sports Council, seniors with underlying medical conditions and chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, pulmonary and other illnesses that compromise their immunity are encouraged to stay at home.

Can I get injured from working out?

There is always a small risk associated with physical activity – especially if you don't exercise often. Please read our articles about warm ups, stretching and warming down. You should also consult your doctor if you have any underlying medical conditions that may prevent you from working out safely.

Is there a mobile app for Dubai Fitness Challenge?

We are asking people to register through the website, where you can log your 30 and find everything you need to take the challenge. We have a range of app partners you can use to do a variety of fitness activities, from tracking your activity, to viewing workouts to leaderboards – please explore and try them out.

Will I be charged anything to use fitness apps?

All of our partner apps involve a free element, either as a trial period (minimum 30 days) or as part of a limited package. Please review T&Cs from each app provider when registering to use them.

What happens to my personal data?

You can check with each app developer if you want to better understand any privacy or data issues. Please review the privacy policies and terms of use from each app provider.

Do I need to use an app?

No, you can choose to simply complete your 30x30 in your own way. We simply encourage you to log your 30 on the website so we get a better idea of participation. You may choose to use one of our partner apps for added benefits.

If I am a partner or sponsor, how do I get my name out there?

You can email [email protected] for more information.

Is Dubai Fitness Challenge on social media?

Yes, you can find us here: Facebook: Dubai Fitness Challenge Instagram: @dxbFitChallenge Twitter: @dxbfitnesschallenge Always use the hashtag #Dubai30x30 to make people aware of your involvement in the challenge.

How can I showcase my DFC involvement?

Spread the movement using your hashtags, guidelines and tags for the chance to see your posts on the official Dubai Fitness Challenge social channels. Make sure you use our hashtag! #dubai30x30

What should I post for a chance to be featured on the DFC social pages?

Our social media teams are looking for posts that are vibrant and ‘in the moment’, capturing people doing an activity or taking part in a Dubai Fitness Challenge event. Remember to be respectful of the culture of the UAE and adhere to the official Dubai Fitness Challenge brand guidelines.

How else can I use the DFC social pages?

Taking on the Dubai Fitness Challenge is a great opportunity to promote your business and everything you’re doing. The media are looking for stories just like yours to highlight the benefits of an active lifestyle and encouraging positive changes in the city. We will be actively promoting all content around the challenge. All you need to do is assign the person in your organisation responsible for communications to share spokespeople you’d like to put forward for media interviews or any press releases you are planning to issue.

How do I link my sports or fitness event to Dubai Fitness Challenge?

If you are an organiser that has an event between 29 October and 27 November 2021, please email [email protected] for more information.

How can I link my gym, fitness facility or sports club with the Dubai Fitness Challenge?

Dubai Fitness Challenge is continuously seeking fitness and sports providers during 29 October and 27 November 2021 – from free sessions and discounts to localised events at your venue, there are many ways we can work together. Please email [email protected] for more information.

I am not a fitness or sports related business but I want to be part of Dubai Fitness Challenge and promote my business or services.

Your company can maximise its exposure by contributing relevant offers. Please email [email protected] for more information.

How can I sponsor Dubai Fitness Challenge?

There are various sponsorship packages available. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Are there trade opportunities at Dubai Fitness Challenge events?

Yes, opportunities exist for health-related food and beverage vendors and sports and fitness-related trade stands at our events. Please email [email protected] for more information.

How can I volunteer at Dubai Fitness Challenge?

There may be opportunities to steward road routes and courses, encouraging people to sign up, staffing at events or assisting coaches and instructors with their sessions. Please email [email protected] for more information.

What will be the safety measures for DFC events in the current situation?

The health and safety of all participants is our priority. All DFC events, activations and activities will be held in alignment with the rules and regulations set out by the Dubai Government and Dubai Health Authority.