Did You Know Your City is a (Free) Gym?

How does City is a Gym work?

It’s easy! Make your way to any of the 30 locations in Dubai where you will find a DFC pillar. Scan the QR code to unlock a workout routine that’s unique to your location. The workouts are accompanied by short instructor-led training videos that include a warm-up, prescribed exercises and a cool down. Take a screenshot of the workout and hit ‘start’ on your Fitness App timer to keep track of your efforts.

What does it include?

Master your 30×30 in a new and improved way. You have four location types to choose from: Common Areas, Running Tracks, Parks and Cycling Tracks. The workouts at all locations offer two levels, one for beginners and the other for advanced participants. Pick the one that’s right for you to get moving.

Bring friends and family to get everyone involved and up the fun factor. It’s a fabulous way to get your 30 minutes for the day while enjoying the many sights and sides of Dubai. Run, walk and jog through the urban landscape of Bay Avenue, plank over the green lawns of Mushrif Park or workout your core at Al Shindagha – you’re spoilt for choice! 

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch at all – no fees, no registration and no personal details required to get involved. Simply show up and get started. City is a Gym is a good way to keep your fitness routine on its toes. You can choose to explore new exercises and locations for all 30 days or pair it with one of the many events and fitness hubs on offer to keep each day fresh. 

It’s a wonderful excuse to venture out of your comfort zone, both in terms of fitness and exploration. Once you’re done exercising, it’s time to enjoy your destination, whether it’s jumping into the waves at the beach, having a picnic in a park or uncovering cultural gems.

Discover thousands of events, free classes and offers in the Dubai Fitness app. Download it today and get your 30×30 started.



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