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Mai Dubai – hydration partner for Dubai Fitness Challenge

Mai Dubai is the hydration partner for Dubai Fitness Challenge, providing sustainable water for everyone getting their 30 minutes of exercise – and helping them stay healthy.

You can find Mai Dubai hydration stations at both our Fitness Villages, as well as staying refreshed with Mai Dubai water at events such as Dubai Run presented by Mai Dubai, and the Mai Dubai Community Run.

Mai Dubai is also working hard to reduce the impact of plastic waste, through its recycling initiative with DGrade. Mai Dubai and DGrade work together to turn plastic bottles into sustainable clothing, with DGrade producing Greenspun® yarn from recycled PET bottles – it takes around six bottles to make one t-shirt.

They also go above and beyond to make sure its water is pure and healthy, with a Grade A Health and Safety rating from Dubai Municipality, and a five-star rating in the British Safety Council Occupational Health and Safety Audit.

All of Mai Dubai’s water is produced at its plant using 100% solar power, generated by more than 52,000 panels – the second-largest food and beverage solar installation in the world. As well as generating the power to produce and bottle water, Mai Dubai’s solar panels also contribute clean energy to Dubai’s power grid.

Here are some more facts about Mai Dubai’s world-class water facility:

  • 1.5 million units of water produced a day
  • Up to 86,000 bottles of water an hour
  • Fully automated warehousing facility
  • 1.1km monorail
  • 26 million kWH solar power generated in 2020
  • 4 million kWH solar power exported to DEWA in 2020
  • 13,423 million tonnes of CO2 eliminated through solar power

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