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19 November 2021

Wadi Bih Run: Hatta

Do you have what it takes to conquer one of the UAE's most rugged terrains on foot? The Wadi Bih Run in Hatta gives participants the chance to show what they are made of, with four challenging routes to choose from – 70km, 35km, 20km or 10km. Catering to all abilities, each circuit snakes through the exclave's natural landscape, so you'll also get to admire dramatic rugged scenery along the way.


The race starts at Hatta Wadi Hub, leading participants to a high point in the mountains, and making for some spectacular early morning views. After the race, you can enjoy a delicious lunch with fellow runners.

Important Information:

  • Teams MUST have a 4x4 vehicle due to the nature of course, without it you wouldn't be allowed to participate. The 4x4 vehicles must be 7 seaters (in order to have 4 pax at the same time with accordance to COVID regulations)
  • Teams MUST comprise of 5 members, with at least 1 female runner in order to eligible for prizes. It is possible to have even only 3 members in a team with no female runner, but you wouldn't be eligible for prizes.
  • Support stations are available only for Solo runners. Teams must be self-sufficient.

Wadi Bih Run: Hatta