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Work On Wellness In The Office

Set at-desk targets

Sitting down for hours on end can get you slouching (and grouching). Be conscious of your posture and follow a set of stretches and breathing routines throughout the day to minimise aches and help stay calm. If your workspace isn’t ergonomically designed, buy yourself a support cushion. Want to avoid leg cramps and swelling? Use a footstool or better, invest in an under-desk elliptical to keep your legs active and toned. The best option? Start an office campaign to switch to standing or adjustable sit-and-stand tables, and work on getting fitter as a team.


Step up to the task

While shortcuts may be rewarding in their own way, the longer route offers more benefits when it comes to fitness. Going to a meeting in a nearby building? Walk it out and go the longer route instead. One thing you can cut short is the line for the office elevator every morning – skip the queue and opt for the stairs instead. Keep an eye on your progress with a trendy fitness tracker.


Make the meals count

Everyone looks forward to lunch break – it’s an opportunity to recharge in the middle of a busy work day. However, many of us tend to grab a quick bite without really considering its nutritional value. One option is to pack your lunches the night before with light, homemade dishes. Even if you don’t have time to pack your lunch, you can be more selective with your daily food choices. Cut back on high-carb foods and plates laden with creamy fare. Heavy dishes will make you feel sluggish during the afternoon and hinder your ability to focus. If you enjoy snacking, swap out sugary treats with healthier options like trail mixes, berries, or veggies with hummus.


Shape up with teamwork

Rally the work community to gear up for healthier living and optimise the workspace environment. Head to an exercise class together after work or bring wellness professionals to host talks in the office. For 30×30, register your company online for Dubai Fitness Challenge and keep each other accountable with team exercise goals. Conduct brainstorming sessions while walking instead of sitting around a conference table. It’s also worth going green in the office — nurture indoor plants, set up a designated recycling zone, keep the AC at a reasonable temperature and ensure the blinds are open enough to let in some natural light. For those with allergies, a mini humidifier for the desk could gently ease away a stuffy day.


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