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Get into better shape while working, doing chores and enjoying life

While some look forward to pumping iron or running long distances every day, most people aren’t eager to bulk up the week with an exercise-intensive schedule. Preferences aside, wellness is for everyone; it’s essential to take care of our health, and in doing so, focus on being more active. 

If you dread going to the gym, change your strategy and think micro-goals instead. Use our tips to form good habits towards daily fitness. They’re simple enough and can be an efficient use of your time. In fact, add to this list with your own ideas – the key is to be more conscious of your surroundings and aware of the opportunities you have to keep moving. You should also stay tuned to all the exciting Dubai Fitness Challenge events going on to help stay active while having a good time.


Walk the walk a little more

Dubai residents love driving around, what with the amazing network of roads across the city. Walking, however, is the first – and easiest – move towards healthier living. Before you think hour-long laps around the local park, consider ways to increase your daily step count. Park your car farther away, take walks during lunch breaks and get on your feet while on a long call. Pick up the pace and add more of a swing to your arms on a walk. Gradually, push yourself to more challenging goals by investing in a pedometer that’ll track daily progress.


Step up heart health with stairs

In a city filled with high-rises, elevators are a necessity. Their regular use, however, means that many often forget that stairwells exist or are just plain lazy to use them. In truth, most people should have no trouble taking a few flights of stairs up or down. And if you intentionally plan to do so often enough, you’ll burn calories faster, reduce cardiac risks and work your way to improved muscle tone, strength and bone density. Plus, the slight rush it brings will make you feel good and more alert.


Multi-task away the calories

While a modern lifestyle can be quite sedentary, there are still plenty of opportunities to stay active. Instead of slouching and lounging while working on a laptop, watching TV, listening to audiobooks and waiting for someone or something, incorporate mini-workouts into the time spent doing those things. Start walking, doing stretches or facial and breathing exercises. Alone at home? Swap the couch for a resistance ball or hit the floor for push-ups, planks, squats and some yoga poses. Have a spot of tidying up to do? Tune in to upbeat tracks and add vigour – or a few twirls, if you fancy dancing – to the cleaning routine. 


Opt-out of everyday conveniences

As awesome as contemporary conveniences are, they could put your physical health on the back burner. Choose to do certain tasks the old-school way or adopt smart solutions that support your wellness. Walk to the neighbourhood store instead of ordering groceries online; while there, use a handheld cart for your shopping needs. Hide the remote controls and get up to change the TV or AC settings manually. Clean your ride yourself and save a trip to the carwash. Stuck for hours at your work cubicle? Switch to a standing desk or use an under-desk elliptical (or desk pedal) to keep your legs moving.


Stay ahead of thousands of free workout sessions, events and more this Dubai Fitness Challenge. Register today and let’s get active together! 



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