Turn Up the WiFi and Work Out

Turn Up the WiFi and Work Out

Access to live classes

If you’ve been waiting to try a workout at a local gym, start with our exclusive live classes hosted by Studios TV – a part of Dubai’s very own Platform Studios. Explore the upcoming daily live sessions and mark your calendars for those you want to join. From 45-minute to hour long classes covering yoga, HIIT, barre and more, you’re sure to find something you love while getting the chance to sweat it out in real time with others who are also pushing through the challenge. These classes can also be accessed through the Studios TV app.

Learning with DFC’s partners and friends

Many big names in the world of fitness and beyond are on board with DFC and have shared their expert-led workouts with us. From getting trained by the team at Fitbit or Find Fit People to keeping the pace high alongside celebrities like Joe Wicks and Virat Kohli, you won’t run out of on-trend and motivational videos to boost up your daily 30. Take advantage of your free access.

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Fitness for the family

A family that stays active together has loads of fun together. Fitness is for everyone and we’ve got a whole lot of kid-friendly workouts that’ll appeal to the little ones. So, mum and dad – bring out the inner child, gather up the children and shake it, shake it!

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Equipment-free workouts

Can’t be bothered to get out the weights or don’t own any? Not to worry – there are plenty of routines that rely on bodyweight training alone, so use only your body and what you have around you to burn those calories and start crunching.

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Workouts with weights

Want to pump up the intensity? Then wipe the dust off your dumbbells and resistance bands and fuel your sets with the gear you have.

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Hitting monthly targets

Use our wide collection of exercise blueprints from DAREBEE if you’ve got a specific goal you want to achieve – for example, if you want to perfect your planks or kicks and punches. Designed to help you progress each day over 30 days, these programmes will help your form a solid fitness routine and habit for the long run.

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A place for the newbies

Keen to change your lifestyle but unsure of how to begin a fitness journey? Check out a variety of low-intensity or beginner-level workouts to ease into active living.

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Discover more free fitness and wellness material to fuel your Dubai Fitness Challenge journey. Register today and let’s grow better together!




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