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Try Kelsey Wells’ PWR Zero Equipment Programme

These workouts are inspired by Sweat trainer Kelsey Wells’ PWR Zero Equipment workout programme. Women now have access to a 10-week progressive exercise programme that aims to empower them with the tools and confidence to start or continue their fitness journey anytime, anywhere with quick, no-equipment workouts. To hit your 30 minutes of activity, you can simply repeat it twice through.


The 15-minute express full-body workout

This routine is perfect for days when you want to do a bit of everything – it will challenge your legs, glutes, core, shoulders and coordination in just 15 minutes.


The 15-minute express glutes workout

This workout includes a combination of exercises that focus on your glutes and surrounding lower body muscles while also challenging your coordination through various compound movements in just 15 minutes.


What is Sweat?

Sweat is a global technology company and home to the world's largest female fitness community. With hundreds and thousands of online followers, Kayla and her team have helped transform countless lives. Their short, focused workouts are perfect for DFC!

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