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Top 5 Mental Health Apps To Try

Five pocket-friendly guides to mental health and wellness

Finding ways to ease your mind is becoming increasingly important in a fast-paced world that’s still reeling from the stress of a global pandemic. As you begin your 30x30 during the month-long Dubai Fitness Challenge, go beyond the goal of getting in shape and make it a point to take better care of your mental health too in order to achieve holistic mind and body wellbeing. 

Start with these five easy-to-use apps that you can download for on-the-go meditation and mindfulness.


1. Headspace

A popular name in the mental health apps category, Headspace offers short daily meditation guides for all skill levels, gradually teaching users to live mindfully. Developed by a monk with a specialisation in meditation training, it is favoured by millions around the world. Use the app to find information relevant to your wellness needs, track your progress and explore interesting sessions, covering themes for sleep, stress, anxiety and more.

Available on iPhone and Android platforms with free trials or subscription options


2. Moodfit

Ranked by top health publisher and online resource Verywell Mind as the overall best mental health app of 2020 and 2021, Moodfit lays emphasis on shaping up the mind, much like a fitness app would work to help get your body in shape. Equipped with superb tracking tools, the app can chart many variables like your sleep, mood shifts and exercise. Then, it helps you understand the relationship between these factors and shows how you can improve your mental wellbeing based on the results.

Available on iPhone and Android platforms for free with in-app purchase options


3. The Mindfulness App

Another app for anyone, anywhere, it offers a five-day introduction to meditation, timed sessions ranging from three to 30 minutes long and customised notifications that remind you to stay mindful. Whether a beginner or advanced practitioner, The Mindfulness App is a great resource for unwinding daily and helping to focus on your priorities calmly. The paid version has several added benefits, including over 250 guided meditations from internationally-known teachers.

Available on iPhone and Android platforms with free or premium options


4. Calm

For those who struggle to get a good night’s rest, add Calm to the top of your downloads list – an app often recommended by wellness professionals. This app focuses on sleep-centric meditation, including more than 100 sleep stories, relaxing music, soothing ambient sounds and breathing techniques. You’ll also find hours of programming that help with many specific topics like improving concentration, gaining deep sleep, breaking bad habits and being grateful.

Available on iPhone and Android platforms with free trials or subscription options


5. Happify

What’s life without a bit of fun, right? Happify uses the latest in positive psychology and science-based research to develop games and activities that effectively help users deal with feelings, better control their thoughts, fight negativity and build resilience. Complete a couple of short sessions on here daily and you’ll soon also be able to measure your emotional wellbeing and score your happiness too!

Available on iPhone and Android platforms for free with in-app purchase options

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