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Look Beyond the Weighing Scale

What are ways to help stay healthy?


Your body needs the right nutrition to keep it going but beware of fad diets or changes in what you eat that you cannot sustain. 

Hydrate! As many as 6-8 glasses of water a day is said to help with your overall nutritional levels. When you drink the right amount of water, based on your weight and calorific intake, your metabolic rate is said to increase and it helps control hunger pangs, helping you avoid overeating.

When it comes to food, remember to eat your leafy greens. Fruits and veggies are essential sources of energy and nutrients for a balanced diet. From providing you with fibres and minerals, through to building up your immune system - you can’t go wrong with these in your diet.

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Try and get at least 7-9 hours of sleep per day; it improves your mental and emotional health, but also ensures that you have a higher capacity to fight illnesses. When you get the required amount of sleep, you help repair your muscles and restores energy in your body. When you don’t sleep well, you are unable to focus or think clearly - and your body doesn’t get the rest it needs between workouts.

Work out

Exercise pumps blood and oxygen into your system, making sure that everything is just that little bit easier! Working out isn't complicated, and all across Dubai, you can find multiple places to work out for free. During DFC 2020, you can try out three Fitness Villages and a range of Fitness Hubs. And if you prefer, there's also a number of virtual workouts you can try from the comfort of your home. Make the city your gym or check out our collection of free classes and offers that you can take advantage of, and take your first step to a healthier you.


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