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Four reasons to try rebounding

Fitbit, the official health and wellness partner of Dubai Fitness Challenge 2021, will host a rebounder area at the Kite Beach Fitness Village for the duration of the Challenge this year. The area will help participants achieve their daily 30-minute activity goal by joining a fun and socially distanced trampoline class.

Rebounding a great cardio exercise. A study published by NASA found that jumping on a trampoline can give you a full-body workout without the impact and pressure on your ankles and knees that you might experience from running on a treadmill; and found rebounding could be 68% more effective than your half an hour jog.

Here’s a few more reasons rebounding is a great way to exercise:

It gets your heart pumping

If you remember anything about trampolines, you will note that bouncing up and down is a great way to get your heart rate up and sweat it out. Rebounding is considered one of the best ways to burn calories and to ensure you have more endurance towards all types of physical activities.

It improves your mood

When you train on a trampoline, it stimulates your brain waves in a way that wakes you up and greatly improves focus. Rebounding also increases the energy in your body, as once you start jumping, it’s easy to continue because it’s pleasant and fun to do so.

It seriously builds strength

Jumping on a trampoline uses your entire body and can help strengthen all your muscles, especially your legs. When you're working out on a trampoline, everything seems to be worked out a little bit more thoroughly. In addition, rebounding works on your core, stomach and back muscles too.

It's great for all ages

Rebounding is appropriate from children aged 13 years to older adults and reinforces just how much fun it is to bounce around. The low impact nature of the trampoline means it’s a safe and comfortable workout for most people and encourages all to give it a go. Rebounding is also simple enough for all as you can just bounce around to your heart’s content.

So, whether you’re looking for motivation or want to kickstart your fitness goals, rebounding may be precisely what you need to bounce some life back into your exercise routine. Now’s the time to find your strength with Fitbit this Dubai Fitness Challenge.


By Prateek Kewalramani, Head of Marketing - Fitbit MEA at Google