Foods That Fight Pain

Foods That Fight Pain


This tasty, juicy fruit has tonnes of essential nutrients that fight inflammation and ease pain. Even frozen berries have the same or even more nutrients than fresh ones. Other fruits that have high amounts of antioxidants and polyphenols – and therefore, similar soothing effects – include strawberries, oranges and cherries.

Chilli peppers

Chilli peppers have a component called capsaicin which is what gives them their heat; this component also has pain-relieving properties and is used in painkilling creams and patches. Chili peppers prevent inflammation too, by tricking your brain into releasing endorphins, which then blocks pain signals. 


A staple in traditional medicine, this pungent root is best-known for it anti-nausea properties and as a stomach soother. Ginger also fights pain in aching joints caused by arthritis and can help ease menstrual cramps. Ginger capsules have shown to work as well as over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen in relieving menstrual pain. 

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a wonderful source of magnesium which is an essential mineral that helps to prevent and treat osteoporosis, cramps and migraines. For more food sources of magnesium, add almonds, cashews, leafy green vegetables such as spinach and kale, beans and lentils to your diet to remain strong and healthy. 


A favoured addition to teas and salads, mint leaves – especially peppermint – help relieve painful cramps, gas and bloating as well as other common discomforts caused by digestive issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Peppermint tea is a very good soother and effectively calms the stomach down. Brazilian mint tea has also been known to be effective as a prescription painkiller. 

Olive oil

This popular ingredient in healthy meals and Mediterranean dishes consists of a compound called oleocanthal, which works like a painkiller. It also has a component called lubricin, which keeps joints sliding smoothly, protects cartilage from breaking down and is an aide for those with osteoarthritis.


Packed with anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids, salmon is considered heart-healthy and can help relieve joint tenderness. Other varieties of fish that have similar benefits include tuna, sardines and mackerel.


Article by American Spine Center


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