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6 free fitness apps for 2021

Keep your finger on the pulse of your health goals 

The concept of exercise is simple: raise your heart rate and work your muscles. The science and technology that supports our workouts, however, never stops improving. Gone are the days where we count our pulse with two fingers, or map out a cycling route with pen and paper. Check out these five free fitness apps that help you stay up to date with your regimens – and track your progress with the touch of a button.


1. Save big with STEPPI

This home-grown UAE app mixes fitness with leisure. Thanks to STEPPI, you’ll get rewarded for being active – and you don’t need to be an elite athlete to rack up the points. Simply sync your daily steps with your smartphone or fitness wearable to earn savings on restaurants, cafes, and a host of other venues across Dubai. See how you rank up against other residents by joining fun challenges or create private ones with your family and friends – entirely for free!

The best bits:

  • Conquer challenges
  • Track your steps
  • Use points to redeem offers in Dubai



2. Plan your runs with MapMyFitness

This health-centred tracking experience offers something unique. Powered by Under Armour, MapMyFitness is backed by a global community, which hosts a variety of interactive challenges and workouts to keep you moving throughout the rest of the year. In addition to all of the main fitness tracker benefits (steps, distance, routes, etc), the app can also be linked to Under Armour’s Smart Shoes to log your cadence – for hyper-personalised coaching tips.

The best bits:

  • Track distance and routes
  • Your own exercise diary
  • Goal setting
  • Syncs with heart rate monitors



3. Pedal and push with Strava

If you like to mix up your runs, rides and hikes, then this app is for you. Strava helps you log your routes on clear maps, shared to your activity feed. What’s behind the name? Strava is Swedish for ‘strive’ and the app will help you take giant strides to becoming a better, healthier you. For added inspiration, check out Strava Clubs, a section of the app with local clubs and workout meetups in your area.

The best bits:

  • Share routes and recent activity with friends
  • Sync with a range of devices
  • Track multiple sports and activities



4. Sync your goals with Garmin Connect

Fitness is truly at your fingertips, with a myriad of health and activity data available via mobile or web. Typically, users would link their Garmin Connect with a range of Garmin devices – some of the best and most robust wearables available, worn by pro-athletes, weekend warriors and anyone keen to find an edge… with some added style.

The best bits:

  • Vital health data at a glance
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly health stats
  • Sync with other apps, including Strava and Apple Health



5. Keep it simple with Pacer

Looking for a simple, fun approach to track your activity? Pacer:Pedometer & Fitness is designed to help regular people (of all activity levels) become more healthy with accurate tracking and much more. Like many apps in this field, Pace also offers a community element, ranging from walkers and runners, both young and old. The ‘download and go’ design means you can install the app and get started right away!

The best bits:

  • Download and go
  • Simple activity tracking
  • Varied, fun challenges
  • Personalised fitness plans and workouts



6. Reward yourself with Fitze

Fitze is the UAE’s first-ever fitness rewards app that converts steps into coins! The Fit On Click Product was launched to help boost the health and fitness of UAE Residents, day to day. The app goes beyond motivating users, actually rewarding them for the steps they take. Fitze connects with your phone’s Health app to capture activity data, converting every 1000 steps into 1 coin. Users can spend their coins to unlock exclusive discounts in the app’s very own marketplace!

The best bits:

  • Earn coins for exclusive deals
  • Take challenges for bigger rewards
  • This is a home-grown app



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