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5 Ways to Track Your Fitness Progress

1. Journal towards a new you

Don’t just visualise your fitness journey, write your plans down in a journal that you can designate for health notes. Writing – on paper or digitally – can give you a realistic understanding of where you’re at and all you need to do to get to where you want to be.

It allows you to sift through your thoughts, tweak goals and better actualise them. Put your thoughts down about how you feel and why you want to switch things up. Aside from simply creating daily to-dos and workout logs, be sure to note your activities and performance at the end of each day.

2. Put fitness resources to work

There’s no shortage of options to get you moving and motivated to stay the course. If you go to the gym, try working with a personal trainer to chart your body measurements and follow their guidelines to improve your stats.

Wearables and fitness devices can also track your sleep and fitness activity, giving you reminders and suggestions to form better habits. Don’t miss out on all that’s available to you for free during the Dubai Fitness Challenge, including Fitbit Premium, Steppi, Anghami and Count'd.

3. Make time for measurements

Are you serious about shaping up physically and optimising your overall quality of living? If so, start by getting the weight scale and tape measure out. Take notes of your body weight and measure your hips, biceps and thighs to get a sense of your body composition. You could use online calculators for body mass index (BMI) too, which measures body fat based on your height and weight. 

Alternatively, schedule an appointment at a health centre to get your biometrical assessment for fitness before you begin daily workouts. Once you’ve started, make weekly logs for aspects you can measure yourself. Aside from allowing you to see your physical changes, these measurements help you gradually re-assess your exercise capacity based on your changing results. For bonus body tracking, take a photograph when you embark on your journey – and follow up with a new pic every month to see the difference.

4. Create a digital repository

This is one for the organisationally inclined. Harness the power of your smartphone, web browser and desktop to enhance your growth. Make dedicated folders for healthy recipes and workouts you want to try, bookmark inspiring and transformational stories from websites, social media accounts – and consider health-focused newsletters to keep you focused on your mission. Bookmark anything that might help you reach higher and save it where you can easily access it.

5. Stay accountable to others

Your journey to fitness and overall wellbeing is your own, but the road ahead is much smoother if you’ve got the right people along the way to support you, cheer you on and correct you (when it’s called for). Get a coach, family member or fitness buddy to keep you accountable to your goals. Share your progress with them and let them in on the struggles too.

Remember, the aim is for progress – not perfection. The only person you should compare yourself with is your past self when you’re on the path to getting fitter and healthier. Start now, add these habits to your routine and keep thriving.

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