7 Ways to Adopt Self-Care at Home

7 Ways to Adopt Self-Care at Home

1. Find joy in mindful cooking

Try paying attention to the smells, textures and taste of everything you’re chopping up and prepping. Taking care of yourself comes in many forms and finding gratitude for the food that nourishes you is an easy way to invite positive thoughts and joy. 

2. Hydrate and make it fun

Tune-up your body with hydrating drinks that include antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. You can also make regular water fancier by adding in some berries or slices of lime, lemon or cucumber for a refreshing flavour. Mocktails are trendy these days – if you enjoy making them at home, give them an extra health boost by adding foods like acai, probiotics and more. Hydration is key, so make sure your water and liquids intake remains high daily.

3. Declutter your fridge

Give your fridge a break and toss anything out that's been sitting there for long, totally unused. Be more intentional about the food you buy and what you plan to eat. We think a neat and organised fridge looks great on the self-care checklist!

4. Turn your bathroom into a spa

Brighten up your tub by scattering flower petals into your bathwater. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oils – we recommend using soothing flowers like lavender, jasmine, geranium and orchids. Don't forget to turn the volume up on your favourite chill-out music playlist and to light some candles for a truly relaxing spa experience.

5. Exercise regularly

It is universally agreed that exercising is good for us, but do we know how good it is? Daily exercise, or at least three times a week, can help us stay in shape, boost our mood and reduce stress and anxiety levels.

6. Grow plants and herbs

Taking care of plants or growing potted herbs can be a comforting and joyful experience. Not only will you feel satisfied watching something grow under your care, but nurturing plants can also be a reminder to stop and smell the greens. If you’re growing basil, rub the leaves between your fingers when you need a quick dose of aromatherapy. Don’t think you’ve got the green thumb? Start simple and look up ways to easily regrow herbs and fresh produce at home. 

7. Develop a better sleep routine

Sleeping can have a big impact on how you feel both emotionally and physically. By making sure your bedroom is cosy and relaxing, you’re already one step ahead to getting a better night’s rest. Drink non-caffeinated herbal tea before bedtime and make sure you have stopped eating at least two hours before you go to sleep. Additionally, do not distract yourself with your smartphone – you can silence it or turn it on airplane or sleeping mode once you put your head on the pillow.


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